AGF Study Webinar: Regulatory Pathways for Advancing Low-Carbon Gas Resources for Gas Distribution Companies

Feb 10, 2023 2:00pm – 3:00pm est

This event is for AGA members only.

Join AGA on Friday, February 10, at 2:00 PM ET for a webinar on the American Gas Foundation’s (AGF) study, “Regulatory Pathways for Advancing Low-Carbon Gas Resources for Gas Distribution Companies” which will be published on the same day of the webinar.

This study looks at regulatory frameworks, policies, cost recovery mechanisms, and incentives to advance the production and use of low-carbon gas resources at scale into the gas distribution system.  The study also examines the impact of such policies on the gas utility model and the ability of gas utilities to achieve these objectives.

Scaling the integration of low-carbon gas resources in a safe, efficient, and effective manner will need technological innovation as well as opportunities to market such products to end-users.  Expanding the adoption of low-carbon resources will require addressing concerns over resource potential and scaling, validating the environmental benefits, and moderating the costs.  Where gas utilities adopt operational plans to advance low-carbon fuels and technologies, they must continue to manage consumer affordability.  

Gas utilities have consistently provided solutions for meeting energy needs and environmental goals, and they have an important, enduring role to play.  This study reviews policies that have enabled utilities to evolve to meet changing decarbonization goals and best practices in other regulated jurisdictions and industries.