Gas Quality


Gas Quality

AGA and the Natural Gas Council are sponsoring several key, ongoing activities on gas quality and interchangeability. AGA is maintaining web-based information sources and links to other participating organizations in support of these activities. The objective of this effort is to facilitate development of gas industry consensus on major technical and policy issues sought by the Natural Gas Council for interactions within the natural gas industry and with regulatory and public interest organizations. Click here for more of AGA's perspective on this issue.

AGA Activities

AGA FERC Regulatory Committee Activities

AGA Gas Quality and Interchangeability Task Group sponsored by the Transmission Measurement Committee of the AGA Operating Section and representing AGA member interests. Contact: Ali Quraishi (202/824-7337)

New - AGA Technical Staff Paper: Technical Background and Issues of Gas Interchangeability - April 2006

Natural Gas Council Activites

Recent White Papers

White Paper on Natural Gas Interchangeability - February 2005
White Paper on Liquid Hyrdocarbon Drop Out in Natural Gas Infrastructure - February 2005
The Natural Gas Council Policy Steering Committee oversees the various gas industry consensus based activities addressing gas quality and interchangeability. Contacts: Lori Traweek (202/824-7330), Michaela Burroughs (202/824-7311)

The Natural Gas Council Task Groups responsible for developing technical dialogue and consensus including:

The Gas Interchangeability Task Group hosted by AGA and representing stakeholder interests in compatibility of gas sources with current and future end uses. Contact: Ted Williams (202/824-7313)

The Hydrocarbon Dew Point Task Group hosted by INGAA and representing stakeholders in liquid drop out issues in transmission and distribution systems. Contact: Terry Boss (202/216-5930)

AGA and the Natural Gas Council are committed to open processes for developing consensus on technical and policy guidance and recommendations on gas quality and interchangeability. As a result, the information found under these links is publicly available without restriction. However, specific documents and information may represent, by and large, technical work in process focused on developing broad industry consensus. As such, individual documents and commentary may not represent the views of AGA, the sponsoring organizations, or the authors organizations. AGA welcomes the active participation of other interests within the gas industry on many of these activities. Interested parties should contact the representative listed for the activity for more information.