Go Big


Go Big

"Successfully implementing a plan to put our economy on a sound fiscal path will benefit our customers and communities,"
-- Dave McCurdy

To get our economy back on track, the Congressional Super Committee must produce a deficit reduction package that stabilizes our country's debt through both pro-growth tax reform and federal spending and entitlement reform.

AGA President Dave McCurdy has worked with a bipartisan group of former members of Congress and other energy advocates such as Tom Kuhn from Edison Electric Institute advocating for us to make the tough decisions necessary to resolve our fiscal issues, and in 2011, they launched the Coalition for a Fiscally Sound America (CFSA) to engage local voices in the call for our nation's leaders to:

Go Big. Look at all areas of the budget in order to identify savings of approximately $4 trillion, with a goal of stabilizing the debt as a share of the economy and putting it on a downward path.

Go Long. Address the long-term drivers of our growing debt and reform Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other federal health spending.

Go Smart. Pursue pro-growth tax reform, which broadens the base and lowers rates, and reprioritizes spending to encourage short and long-term growth.

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