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Industrial Market


The industrial sector continues to rely heavily on natural gas as its energy source of choice. Industrial natural gas use represents over 30 percent of all gas consumed in the United States. The use of natural gas in this sector is spurred by the entry of new, high-efficiency, gas-fired industrial technologies that provide productivity improvements, cost savings, and emission reductions at a customer s site.

AGA Viewpoint

Natural gas continues to be a choice fuel in the U.S. industrial market, both for
its sustainable economic benefits and because customers can reduce carbon footprints and achieve market-based environmental goals. Industrial customers use natural gas in manufacturing, processing, packaging and storage of a wide range of products including food, paper, plastics, chemicals, glass, metals, machinery and equipment. Depending on the product, natural gas may be used as a chemical reagent or to provide thermal treatments, to process steam and electricity, to compress air and other gases, and to heat and cool both buildings and materials. In addition, natural gas plays a strong role in helping industrial customers and local communities reduce pollution and emissions associated with global warming, as well as deleterious health effects.

Researchers, equipment manufacturers, government, and the gas industry are working together to introduce technologies that are improving productivity and energy efficiency while lowering operating costs and environmental impacts. New high temperature furnaces, melters, heaters, radiant devices, condensing boiler systems are being combined with advanced combustion systems, automation, controls, and monitoring equipment to maintain our global competitive position. Oxy-fuel combustors, new heat recovery schemes such as thermo-chemical recuperators, and hybrid concepts are emerging and providing significant reductions in capital and operating expenditures.

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