Workforce Development

For generations, natural gas utilities have served communities and supported families through good-paying jobs and the opportunity for career advancement. Natural gas is the foundation fuel for our nation's clean and secure energy future and AGA members want to hire a diverse and inclusive workforce that will upgrade and maintain the energy infrastructure of the 21st century.


Through partnerships with schools, veterans organizations and the Center for Energy Workforce Development, natural gas utilities are striving to develop a large and dynamic workforce that reflects the communities they serve. AGA member companies help employees gain the skills and education necessary to thrive at every stage of their career. Just like the fuel they deliver, employees of natural gas utilities will be an important part of their community for decades to come.

Workforce Development and Training Compendium

AGA has assembled this compendium in order to provide a brief summary of available workforce development opportunities as of July 2019. AGA does not recommend or endorse any of the listed institutions or courses.  Course descriptions have been provided by the institution noted and have not been authenticated. Contact the institution noted for definite information on the course description and availability. For any questions, please contact Melissa Lisher  or Megan Dunn.

2019 AGA Workforce Development and Training Compendium