Apply for Limited Membership


Apply for Limited Membership

Limited members participate on dozens of AGA standing committees. These committees are in the operations, financial and administrative, marketing/communications and legal areas. Participation allows members to work with their peers and customers on developing industry standards, more efficient operating processes, to stay on top of industry issues and to enhance technology transfer.


Four Compelling Reasons to Participate in AGA

1. Network of Experts

Not only are AGA staff experts just a phone call or e-mail away, but the expertise of member company employees is at your fingertips too. Through AGA's popular S.O.S. program, member company employees have immediate access to experts at natural gas companies throughout the U.S. & Canada.

Natural gas company employees save research time each year by tapping into AGA's S.O.S. program to get information in the areas of accounting, customer service, human resources, labor relations, legal matters, operations and engineering, public affairs, ratemaking and risk management.

2. Premier Source of Business and Operating Information

AGA collects and compiles an enormous amount of natural gas industry data and information - much of which cannot be found anywhere else.

From this extensive database, AGA provides members with information and benchmarking studies on executive and employee compensation, financial performance, operating efficiencies, finance and accounting, and industry labor matters. This same database serves as the backbone for exclusive reports and analyses on natural gas supply, demand, residential customer choice programs, marketing strategies, policy issues and many other topics.

AGA also is your best source of practical operating information. For instance, participation in AGA's Operations and Engineering Best Practices program - a free membership benefit - can save your company millions of dollars. Based on data the program participants submit, AGA selects the companies deemed to use the leading operating, engineering and construction practices. These companies then lead roundtables to explain their techniques to the other Best Practices participants. AGA also offers Best Practices programs covering customer care activities, and information technology.

AGA makes full use of the Internet to keep you up to date. At the association's interactive web site you'll find a wealth of information, breaking news, a library of resource materials and direct links to each member of Congress, as well as links to AGA members' home pages.

3. Unparalleled Educational and Networking Opportunities

One of the many hats worn by AGA is that of a professional society. By attending AGA conferences, members keep current on the newest practices and technologies in their fields, whether its operations and engineering, accounting, legal, information technology, finance, customer activities, marketing or communications. Continuing education credits are attached to many of these events.

AGA also holds special workshops to deal with issues as they arise and to help members understand the complexities of new regulations. Moreover, AGA conducts an extensive outreach program directed at the financial community, which includes an annual conference that offers you a cost-effective opportunity to interact personally with hundreds of top financial analysts by attending a single event.

4. Impressive Return on Dues Investment

The preceding is just a sample of the services AGA offers - services that make AGA dues an investment, not an expense.

It is clear that the cost of membership in AGA more than pays for itself. The quantifiable value of AGA's advocacy efforts that culminated last year and the small sample of the association's ongoing services discussed above equals $1.3 billion. In contract, AGA's full and limited membership dues in 2008 totaled $18.4 million. This translates into a return of $71 on every dues dollar, which perfectly illustrates that AGA dues are an investment, not an expense.


FOR MORE INFORMATION: Membership dues are tiered, based on a 3-year average of operating revenue. For a quick estimate of what dues would be for your organization, print and complete the form below. Or, for more information call 202-824-7024 or contact Ysabel Suarez .

Limited Membership Cost Estimate Form (Adobe PDF File)