Energy Industry Analyses and Statistics


Energy Industry Analyses and Statistics

AGA collects, analyzes and disseminates information on a timely basis to opinion leaders, policy makers and the public about the benefits provided by energy utilities and the natural gas industry.


Energy Studies
Economic, environmental and supply analyses, market reviews,forecasts, issue briefs, fact sheets, white papers, surveys, and benchmarking reports (periodic)

Gas Industry Statistics
Heating and cooling degree days, gas storage, production, transmission and distribution, consumption, end users, residential market, utility revenues, construction expenditures, personnel, safety and financial data (weekly, monthly, annual)

Natural Gas Market Indicators (NGMI)
Current price, weather, storage, reserves, production, LNG, exports/imports and other fundamentals (bi-weekly)

Financial & Operational Information Series (FOIS)
Assessment of utility operational and financial metrics (monthly)

State Profiles in Natural Gas
Industry snapshot by state and market segment including utility revenue, throughput, infrastructure and energy efficiency expenditures (annual)

Utility Rankings
Top 50 local distribution companies by customer, gas volume and revenue in all market segments and the U.S. (annual)

Natural Gas Market Presentations (Periodic)

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