Weekly and Monthly Statistics

Cooling Degree Day Data

Cooling Degree Days are a measure of the need for air conditioning (cooling) based on the extent to which the daily mean temperature rises above a reference temperature (65 F).
Heating Degree Day Data

Heating Degree Days are a measure of the coldness of the weather experienced, based on the extent to which the daily mean temperature falls below a reference temperature (65° F). For example, on a day when the mean outdoor dry-bulb temperature is 35°F, there would be 30 degree-days experienced. (A daily mean temperature represents the sum of the high and the low readings divided by two.)
Working Gas in Storage

The Underground Storage Report measures the utilization of subsurface facilities for storing gas that has been transferred from its original location and stored for the purposes of load balancing and meeting critical winter heating season gas supply requirements. The facilities are usually natural geological reservoirs such as depleted oil or gas fields or water bearing sands capped by impermeable rock. The facilities may be man-made or naturally occurring.