Natural Gas State Profiles


Natural Gas State Profiles

The AGA State Profile Pages are designed to provide a snapshot of the natural gas industry by presenting the following gas industry statistics for each state and market segment: utility sales revenues, consumption, customers, infrastructure (including reserves, production, and transmission and distribution lines), and efficiency program expenditures.


National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners

2013 Resolution

RESOLVED, That the Board of Directors of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners… encourages regulators and industry to consider sensible programs aimed at replacing the most vulnerable pipelines as quickly as possible along with the adoption of rate recovery mechanisms that reflect the financial realities of the particular utility in question; and be it further


Natural Gas Distribution

Shrinking Emissions by the Numbers

  • 1000s – miles of cast iron & bare steel pipe replaced with PE plastic pipe
  • 300,000 – added miles of distribution mains
  • 17 million – number of new customers served (30% increase)
  • 16% - emissions shrinkage since 1990
  • 0.3% - EPA estimated emissions of produced natural gas from distribution systems in 2011

Managing the Reduction of the Nation’s Cast Iron Inventory

Cast iron distribution main is one of several legacy assets that have long been recognized as warranting   attention. 

The industry has recognized this and has been actively managing cast iron, eliminating a large percentage of the national inventory, and thereby driving down the number of cast iron-related incidents.

 Industry Facts