AGA provides detailed, regular reports about heating and cooling degree days; natural gas storage, production, transmission, distribution and consumption; residential markets; utility revenues; construction expenditures; and more.

AGA Statistics and Survey System

The AGA Statistics and Survey System is an online data submittal and reporting system that allows authorized users with the ability to complete selected surveys and to view specific reports.

To access the AGA Statistics and Survey System, first log into the AGA website, and then click on this link. All of the surveys for which you have data entry and access permissions will appear.
Annual Report of Volumes, Revenues, and Customers by Company (2002-2015)

The files contain annual data for each company and state of operation for that company for Sales and Transportation Volumes, Revenues, and Customers by sector (Residential, Commercial, Industrial, etc.). Volumes are represented in Mcf.
Distribution Pipe by Company Annual Data (1990 – 2015)

The files below contain annual data (Miles of Main and Number of Services) by material for each company in the United States.
Weekly and Monthly Statistics

Cooling Degree Day Data
Heating Degree Day Data
Working Gas in Storage