Member Resources


Member Resources


AGA designates a number of awards and commendations each year. Learn more about them here.
Operations and Engineering Weekly Newsletter

Archive of the Operations & Engineering weekly newsletter.
Operations Section Organization, Practices and Procedures (BLUE BOOK)

AGA’s Operations Section consists of a Managing Committee, technical committees, and Operations Section advocacy committees. These committees work together to anticipate, plan for and meet the operational challenges of the natural gas industry. They are committed to developing and maintaining safe, efficient, reliable, and cost effective gas systems.
Operations Committees

The following AGA Committees are managed by AGA's Operations & Engineering Section. A complete listing of all AGA Committees is available here.
In addition, standardized information for all Operations Section committees can be found by clicking here.
Operations Discussion Groups

AGA often convenes its member companies to tackle their most pressing operational challenges.
AGA Peer Review Program

The American Gas Association Peer Review Program is a voluntary peer-to-peer safety and operational practices review program that will allow local natural gas utilities throughout the nation to observe their peers, share leading practices and identify opportunities to better serve customers and communities.
Best Practices Program

The AGA Gas Utility Operations Best Practices Program provides a forum for the identification of procedures and practices that can improve the reliability, safety and cost-efficiency of a company’s operations. Program participants have the opportunity to learn of practices effectively implemented, and new innovative practices that are being utilized, by industry leaders in different aspects of natural gas operations.