2015 ANSI GPTC Z380.1


ANSI GPTC Z380.1 Guide for Gas Transmission, Distribution, and Gathering Piping Systems, 2015 Edition; Catalog # Z380115; 924 pages. Contains the U.S. DOT Pipeline Safety Code Title 49 – Part 191 and Part 192, plus guide material prepared by the Gas Piping Technology Committee Accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The Guide is continuously updated by the GPTC which issues addendum on a periodic basis. Cost: $510.00 Order Publications.


The 2015 Edition of the ANSI GPTC Z380.1, Guide for Gas Transmission, Distribution, and Gathering Piping Systems, is periodically revised by the publication of addendum. The current addendum is available for free downloading. The addendum are organized to allow direct page substitution into your printed copy of the base 2015 edition publication. You may also order a paper copy of the addendum available through our publication distributor for a nominal $25 charge. Order Publications.

Addendum 9-2015