Best Practices/Benchmarking Programs


Best Practices/Benchmarking Programs

Best Practices/Benchmarking Programs

Sharing our industry's best practices helps members improve their ability to deliver natural gas safely, reliably and in an environmentally responsible manner. AGA's popular Best Practices/Benchmarking Programs and studies identify innovative ideas that reduce members costs and improve their effectiveness in operations, maintenance, marketing, accounting and customer service.

Bill Comparison Report

Contact: Bruce McDowell,
Participants get electronic reports showing the bills of residential, commercial, industrial, and interruptible customer, as of the end of each quarter, based on about eight different levels of consumption. Participants are asked to fill out an Excel file with the data and return by e-mail to AGA. Results for each quarter are limited to those participating. Bill comparison reports are not available on the web site.

Compensation & Benefits Survey

Contact: Linda Nahin,
The Compensation & Benefits Survey provide current compensation and benefits data for key positions found in natural gas distribution and transmission firms. This survey will prove beneficial in helping member companies stay competitive and identify trends. Survey materials are available in March each year with results published in August.

Customer Service DataSource

Contact: Jim Linn,
The annual Customer Service DataSource survey represents a unique opportunity for participating AGA member companies to measure their company customer service processes, strategies, and procedures against those of other natural gas and electric utility participants. View more information about this annual survey, prepared by the AGA/EEI Customer Service Committee.

Financial Performance

Contact:Paul Pierson,
The Financial Performance program provides members with a tool to compare their financial and operating performance to industry averages. Benchmark information is gathered annually and presented in reports published toward the end of the year. Thirty-eight parameters are graphed (companies are not identified) with more than 100 other parameters presented in tables. Forms for this year will be mailed in mid-June. Order a copy of Gas Facts.

Financial and Operational Information Series

Contact: Bruce McDowell,
The Financial and Operational Information Series offers brief analyses of specific natural gas utility statistical information. The topics vary by report, but the intent is to provide statistical data that gives insight into financial or operational issues facing natural gas utilities. The primary source of this data is the proprietary database of SNL Energy, which is developed from natural gas utility filings with state and federal agencies. AGA s contract with SNL allows us to use this database to provide analyses for our members internal use only. The distribution of the data is be limited to AGA members.

Survey and Statistics System

Contact: Paul Pierson,
The Survey and Statistics System AGA members by providing Internet access to AGA s relational database system. The system is a powerful relational database system that allows members to search and download (in Microsoft Excel format) a variety of natural gas and energy industry data. (MEMBERS ONLY) Go to the Survey and Statistics System.

Operations and Engineering - Distribution, Transmission and Supplemental Gas

Contact: Mike Bellman, 
The Gas Utility Operations Best Practices is a benchmarking effort to identify industry leaders and innovative work practices that can be adopted by other companies to improve performance and reduce operating costs. The purpose and spirit of this program is to learn to operate our gas systems more productively and effectively. Benchmarking data results are limited to those participating. Subject matter experts meet at roundtable meetings to address how industry leaders achieve high performance in a particular topic. The program is open to Full, Limited, and International AGA members. View more information.

Risk Management

Contact: Cindy Johnson,
Provide best practices/benchmarking information to participating members regarding insurance. Survey results that can assist risk and finance managers in their insurance renewals for all policies. The distribution of the data will be limited to participating AGA members only.