National Fuel Gas Code


National Fuel Gas Code

The American Gas Association servers as the secretariat to the ANSI Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) Z223 on National Fuel Gas Code. The ASC Z223 develops and publishes ANSI Z223.1, National Fuel Gas Code. The Code is jointly developed with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 54 Committee and is also known as NFPA 54.

2012 Edition National Fuel Gas Code:

  • Errata Z223.1-12-1
  • Revision summary list
  • PowerPoint presentation

Committee and Code Information:
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Future Committee Meetings:
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  • September 14-17 Panel Meeting Agendas
  • October 13-15 Full Committee Meeting Announcement and Preliminary Agenda

Ordering Information:
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National and the International Fuel Gas Codes:
Download comparisons between the National and International Fuel Gas Codes and learn how they relate

2012 Edition – National Fuel Gas Code:

The 2012 edition of the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54, was approved by ANSI on August 31, 2011. The edition includes revised purging procedures, two new Schedule 40 pipe sizing tables, revised CSST bonding location, and the deletion of "room large in comparison" clearance criteria. For additional guidance and information contact Paul Cabot, Secretary, ASC Z223 & NFPA 54, American Gas Association, 400 N Capitol St, NW, Washington, DC 20001: PHONE: 202.824.7312; FAX: 202.824.9122; email:
Future Committee Meetings

2015-2017 Meeting Schedule:
The ASC Z223 and NFPA 54 committees meet jointly to maintain and develop the National Fuel Gas Code.  The 2018 revison cycle meetings are as follows:
Advisory Panel Meetings - September 14-17, 2015, Atlanta, GA (see below for meeting details and agendas):
Purpose: Consider Public Input and form recommendations for full committee consideration
National Fuel Gas Code Committee Joint Membership Form

Organizations and individuals that can show a substantial materiel interest in the contents of National Fuel Gas Code and are willing to fully participate can seek to join the committee by submitting the Joint AGA and NFPA membership form. Membership is subject to committee vote (ASC Z223) and Standard Council action (NFPA 54) and balance requirements. These files are provided in PDF format. In most cases, the PDF files will open directly in your browser window.