Natural Gas: Rewriting Our Energy Future

Fact Sheet

Natural Gas: Rewriting Our Energy Future

Our nation s abundance of clean natural gas provides an incredible opportunity to drive economic growth, while protecting the environment and boosting national energy security. Natural Gas: Rewriting Our Energy Future details a vision of market stability ushered in by our domestic energy supply and highlights the steps taken by America s natural gas utilities to deliver this energy source to homes and businesses safely and reliably while reducing emissions and increasing efficiency.
It includes:

·       Nearly forty states have a program to facilitate accelerated replacement and modernization of natural gas distribution pipelines no longer fit for service.

·       Modernized infrastructure and installation practices, such as the installation of pipelines made from cutting-edge materials, has resulted in a 17 percent decrease of natural gas emissions during the last 25 years.

·       In 2013 alone, natural gas utilities budgeted nearly $1.4 billion to natural gas efficiency programs and that number will continue to grow.

·       Prevailing natural gas supply fundamentals along with a reliable natural gas delivery infrastructure suggest that a range of demand scenarios can be met within an estimated price band of $4.00 to $6.50 per MMBtu, a level well below the peak market prices of the preceding decade.

Natural gas has emerged as the foundation fuel for a clean and secure energy future in the United States. Expanding natural gas use provides a demonstrated path for improving the environment and an extensive delivery infrastructure helps to ensure that North America s robust natural gas resources are positioned to satisfy significant new natural gas demand at affordable and competitive prices well into the future.