Naturally Green Homes

Fact Sheet

Naturally Green Homes

The Green revolution is a rapidly expanding grassroots movement throughout American culture, and it presents natural gas utilities with a unique growth opportunity. Because natural gas is widely acknowledged as an environmentally friendly fuel, gas utilities are poised to readily and authoritatively assume a leadership role in the Greening of the American home.

To assist gas utilities in taking this leadership role, the American Gas Association (AGA) has developed the Naturally Green Natural Gas Home Program. The Program can be downloaded from this website. It is intended to be marketed and disseminated by the gas utility to home builders and remodelers in its service territory. Then, by installing natural gas appliances, builders and remodelers use the Program to self-certify their homes as Naturally Green Natural Gas Homes. This Green Home certification is a marketable brand identity that clearly spreads the word about the builder s/remodeler s decision to use natural gas to the fullest. This Program, then, is the vehicle for the natural gas utility, the builder/remodeler, and the homeowner to take an active and productive part in America s Green revolution.

A PowerPoint presentation titled AGA Naturally Green Natural Gas Program that provides background and explanatory information about the program is also available.

(AGA Contacts: Jim Ranfone 202.824.7310, Paul Cabot 202.824.7312 or Ted Williams, 202.824.7313)