News Release 2014

News Release

News Release 2014


American Gas Association Launches Redesigned Website: New Features Responsive Design, Innovative Tools (12/18/2014)

Natural Gas: The New Energy Foundation: Incoming AGA Chairman Terry McCallister Shares His Energy Vision (12/11/2014)

Natural Gas Utilities Urge EPA to Provide Guidance to States to Include Direct Use of Natural Gas in Compliance Plans Under 111d (12/2/2014)


Natural Gas Utilities Review Peers to Elevate Safety (10/15/2014)

McCurdy Praises Godlewski, New President of NGVAmerica (10/9/2014)


Terry D. McCallister Elected AGA Chairman (9/30/2014)

Natural Gas System Delivered As Promised During Record Winter (9/22/2014)

AGA Launches Threat Information Sharing Center for Natural Gas Utilities (9/9/2014)


AGA Will Continue to Seek Consumer-Friendly Refueling Standards for Natural Gas Vehicles (7/22/2014)


Natural Gas Utilities Take Steps to Further Reduce Emissions (6/11/2014)

AGA: Flexible Approach Allows for Efficient and Affordable Applications of Clean Natural Gas (6/2/2014)


AGA Recognizes Industry Safety Leaders (5/21/2014)

Natural Gas Utilities Applaud President’s Efforts to Upgrade Our Nation's Infrastructure (5/14/2014)

Choosing Natural Gas Appliances Can Double Energy Savings (5/7/2014)


Utilities Contributed Nearly $3.7 billion in Assistance to Low Income Customers (4/30/2014)

AGA Supports Innovative Approach to Increasing Energy Efficiency (4/23/2014)

EPA Says Emissions from Systems Operated by Natural Gas utilities Continue to Decline (4/15/2014)

Improving Infrastructure Permitting Will Help Minimize Environmental Impacts (4/10/2014)

Industry Safety Efforts Help Cut Excavation Damages in Half (4/1/2014)


Obama Administration Recognizes Efforts by Natural Gas Utilities to Continue Declining Emissions (3/28/2014)

Natural Gas Met the Challenge of Winter 2013-2014 (3/27/2014)


President Obama Highlights Support for Natural Gas Vehicles (2/18/2014)

AGA Releases 2014 Natural Gas Playbook (2/12/2014)

Kantor: Level Playing Field Will Help Unlock Benefits of Natural Gas (2/10/2014)


AGA Welcomes Legislation Promoting Natural Gas Transportation (1/30/2014)

Greater Use of Natural Gas Supports Many of President Obama's Goals (1/28/2014)

Leading Natural Gas Vehicle Groups Join Forces to Advance Clean, Affordable Transportation Fuel (1/27/2014)

Natural Gas Utilities Are Bringing the Energy Revolution to Your Community (1/22/2014)

Study: New reality of affordable, abundant and efficient natural gas requires visionary thinking to increase use (1/16/2014)