News Release 2013

News Release

News Release 2013


Natural Gas: Solutions for Our Economy and Our Environment (12/6/2013)

AGA Announces Four Leadership Appointments (12/6/2013)


AGA Congratulates Colette Honorable on Being Named NARUC President(11/20/2013)

Infrastructure Investment Would Expand Access To Nation's Abundant Supply of Natural Gas (11/14/2013)


NW Natural President & CEO Gregg S. Kantor Elected 2014 AGA Chairman(10/15/2013)

David M. McClanahan Receives AGA’s Distinguished Service Award (10/15/2013)

AGA: Natural Gas Still Most Affordable Heating Fuel (10/1/2013)


Low Natural Gas Prices Helping to Keep Customers Connected (9/27/2013)

Report - Natural Gas Utilities Continue To Modernize Pipeline Infrastructure (9/6/2013)


AGA’s Paula Gant Appointed Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy for Oil and Natural Gas (8/27/2013)


Statement by AGA President and CEO Dave McCurdy about Gina McCarthy (7/17/2013)

Statement by AGA President and CEO Dave McCurdy about the “10 Year Energy Vision” by the Western Governors’ Association (7/1/2013)


Statement by AGA President and CEO Dave McCurdy about Anthony Foxx (6/27/2013)

Statement by AGA President and CEO Dave McCurdy on President Obama’s Climate Action Plan (6/25/2013)

More than Half a Million Northeast Homes Switched to Natural Gas Heat from 2000-2010 (6/11/2013)

Natural Gas Offers Significant Opportunities to Address Global Climate Change, Study Says (6/4/2013)

Natural Gas Utilities Support Effort to Improve Energy Efficiency of Federal Buildings(6/3/2013)


Natural Gas Utilities Recognize Safety Leaders (5/22/2013)

AGA Releases 2013 FERC Manual for Natural Gas Utilities and Other Shippers, Sellers and Buyers of Natual Gas (5/16/2013)

Statement by AGA President and CEO Dave McCurdy about Ernest Moniz (5/16/2013)


America’s Natural Gas Utilities: Investing in Our Energy Future (4/18/2013)

EPA Affirms Low Emissions Rate for Natural Gas Delivery System (4/15/2013)

U.S. Natural Gas Boom Leads The Global Energy Conversation (4/11/2013)

Natural Gas Utilities Assist Low-Income Customers (4/10/2013)

U.S. Domestic Natural Gas Resources at Record Levels (4/9/2013)

AGA Commends CFTC Commissioner Chilton's "End User Bill of Rights" (4/3/2013)

Save Lives – Call 811 Before You Dig (4/1/2013)


Natural Gas is the Best Heating Choice for Consumers (3/27/2013)

AGA Staff Selected to Chair Oil & Natural Gas Sector Coordinating Council Cybersecurity Working Group (3/19/2013)

Natural Gas Utilities: Protecting Infrastructure From Emerging Threats (3/12/2013)


Associations File Joint Comments Regarding Natural Gas Market Transparency(2/12/2013)

AGA Response to State of The Union Address (2/12/2013)

Natural Gas Utilities Helped Customers Save More Than $300 Million In 2011(2/6/2013)

AGA Unveils Redesigned American Gas Magazine (2/5/2013)


Natural Gas Will Play Key Role In Our Nation’s Future (1/30/2013)

AGA Files Comments: Does Not Oppose LNG Exports (1/24/2013)

The Homes of the Future Will Run on Natural Gas (1/22/2013)

AGA Releases 2013 Playbook (1/16/2013)

American Gas Association Launches New Twitter Handle (1/4/2013)

United States Congress Passes American Taxpayer Relief Act (1/1/2013)