June 2016: American Gas Magazine

June 2016

Cover Story: Taking the Global Stage

Global LNG trade was hot in 2015, despite high supply and the low cost of oil contributing to declining prices. New players to the export market already have their sights set on the future, with U.S. and Australian LNG poised to make the A-list.

Inside This Issue:

President's Message: We Are a Global Leader

As more countries join the LNG stage, the United States’ role in the global leadership of this promising resource is just beginning.

Extreme Weather

When Mother Nature throws a curve ball, gas utilities jump into action, putting into practice crisis training that protects customers, communicates news and restores services.

Special Section: AGA Member Listing

Our annual listing of full, limited, international, international affiliate and associate members.

Burner Tips: Meet the Millennials

Boost millennials’ utility engagement with five types of content marketing, says Jessica Kumor of Jacobs & Clevenger.

Making a Difference

A NW Natural director has been working with young readers for more than two decades.

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