AGA Applauds Bipartisan Pipeline Safety Bill

News Release

AGA Applauds Bipartisan Pipeline Safety Bill

Washington, D.C. - The American Gas Association (AGA) today applauds the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure for passing by unanimous consent H.R. 2845, the Pipeline Safety, Regulatory Certainty, and Job Creation Act of 2011. This effort is a strong reflection of the bipartisan support the natural gas industry needs to provide for enhanced safety and environmental protection in pipeline transportation, while also providing for enhanced reliability in the transportation of our country s energy products by pipeline.

AGA is glad that progress is being made in moving pipeline safety legislation forward and we want the House and Senate to pass additional legislation this fall, in particular reauthorization of pipeline safety legislation, which would further enhance our ability to deliver natural gas to our customers safely and reliably, said Dave McCurdy, president and CEO of AGA. Operators are already beginning to address safety issues raised at legislative hearings, but reauthorization will provide legislative and regulatory certainty for all pipeline stakeholders."

AGA and its member companies, as well as all pipeline safety stakeholders, are encouraged to see the bipartisan effort move this important piece of legislation forward, McCurdy added. We look forward to seeing H.R. 2845 reach the House floor for a vote and gain support from the White House.