AGA Releases 2011 FERC Manual for Natural Gas Utilities

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AGA Releases 2011 FERC Manual for Natural Gas Utilities

Washington, D.C. - The American Gas Association (AGA) today announced the release of The 2011 Edition of the AGA FERC Manual A Guide for Local Distribution Companies.

The AGA FERC Manual, 2011 edition, is an authoritative source of information about how FERC s rules affect local distribution companies (LDCs) and other users of pipeline services. The manual provides valuable insights into dealing with FERC s various offices, including the Office of Enforcement, and about developing compliance plans.

Since the enactment of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, in which Congress gave the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) powerful enforcement authority, users of pipeline services and LDCs in particular have been the focus of attention from FERC s Office of Enforcement. In response, AGA commissioned Dewey & LeBoeuf to prepare this important manual.

This AGA FERC Manual is accompanied by 12 DVDs, which contain recorded lectures focused on the latest regulatory and judicial developments. This includes details about FERC s new penalty guideline calculations, FERC s specified ways of reducing penalties in the event of a violation, and adjustments to its audit practices. The manual also includes comprehensive guidance about developing and evaluating compliance programs.

The Manual includes material regarding the history of FERC s regulation of natural gas, the services of pipeline and storage companies, how to obtain capacity directly from the pipeline, rules regarding capacity release, FERC s regulation of LDCs as sellers of natural gas, LDCs as transportation and storage service providers and FERC s Market Manipulation Rules.

New topics have been added about increasingly prominent subjects, including the continuing evolution of FERC s market manipulation standards, pipeline service curtailments, fuel cost recovery methods, the effect of the Mobile-Sierra doctrine on negotiating new service agreements, as well as updated reporting requirements. New tables, charts, checklists, summaries and hypothetical scenarios also have been added.

As was the case with the original AGA FERC Manual, Lawrence G. Acker is the principal author and editor of The 2011 Edition of the AGA FERC Manual A Guide for Local Distribution Companies, and Brett A. Snyder also wrote and edited substantial portions of it. A number of other Dewey & LeBoeuf lawyers were contributing authors of the original AGA FERC Manual.

The 2011 edition of the AGA FERC Manual can be purchased by AGA s members and the general public by clicking here.