Natural Gas Council Report on Natural Gas Reliability and Resiliency

News Release April 26, 2019

Washington, DC – The Natural Gas Council (NGC) today released a report on the reliability and resiliency of the natural gas system. In preparation for the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season that officially begins on June 1, 2019, the NGC is publishing this report for the benefit of its members, policymakers at every level and anyone with an interest in the safe and reliable delivery of our nation's natural gas abundance. The report outlines natural gas transportation, related regulatory authorities, and the contracting procedures necessary for customers to receive their required level of service.

"The operational characteristics of the natural gas transportation network, in combination with the physical properties of natural gas, effectively minimize the likelihood and severity of service disruptions. In the rare event of a disruption, impacts are typically localized and brief. History demonstrates that disruption of firm pipeline transportation and/or storage services resulting from severe weather events are extremely rare," the report states.

The report was part of a discussion at today's Natural Gas Roundtable held at the American Gas Association's headquarters and moderated by the American Petroleum Institute's Todd Snitchler. Snitchler was joined on-stage by Thomas Coleman from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, Hardeep Rana from Washington Gas and former Chairman of the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities Angela M. O'Connor, now an energy and regulatory consultant.

In the forward to the report, the Natural Gas Council said, "For decades, the natural gas industry has built a vast and reliable infrastructure that has withstood many disasters. Simultaneously, we have built a culture where every employee feels a responsibility for the safety of his or her co-workers, their customers and communities. Our companies and our energy production and delivery systems have been tested in recent years by extreme weather, and we have succeeded.

A separate NGC report released in August 2018 also examined the industry's preparation and actions during Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and the "Bomb Cyclone."

To read today's report, please click here.


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