Natural Gas Fueling Infrastructure Models Vary

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Natural Gas Fueling Infrastructure Models Vary

Washington, D.C. – The American Gas Foundation (AGF) today unveiled a study, Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel: Models for Developing Fueling Infrastructure, which facilitates the commercial and regulatory analysis for integration of differing models that can be used to help develop natural gas fueling infrastructure. The study outlines a variety of models that may be employed, recognizing that approaches to this market will vary based on the needs and policy goals of individual regulated service territories.

“Each company is different—their makeup, priorities and the state regulations they have to work with,” said Ronald W. Jibson, chairman of the American Gas Foundation and chairman, president and CEO of Questar Corp. “This report recognizes these inherent differences and is structured to educate about the options that exist in order to help translate that information into something valuable for each unique situation. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, but we can all learn from what other utilities are doing in this space to help broaden the use of this foundation fuel to benefit our nation.”

The study outlines the basic types of models that may be employed: ratebased, non-ratebased and commercial, recognizing that companies will approach this market with varying situations: “Circumstances vary substantially among LDCs, hence the most appropriate business models also vary.”

“Natural gas vehicles benefit our economy, our environment and our national security, and I am confident they will continue to play a growing role in our nation,” said AGA President and CEO Dave McCurdy. “I know this report will be a useful tool for those companies getting into the NGV market.” 

Late last month, the White House unveiled standards that will increase fuel economy to the equivalent of 54.5 mpg for cars and light-duty trucks by Model Year 2025, which included incentives for natural gas and other alternative vehicles.

For more information and to access the study, click here.

American Gas Foundation releases study outlining models