Natural Gas Utilities Helped Customers Save $62 Per Household Last Year

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Natural Gas Utilities Helped Customers Save $62 Per Household Last Year

Washington, D.C. - In 2010, utilities invested nearly $838 million in natural gas efficiency programs and passed the savings on to their customers. The Natural Gas Efficiency Programs Report for 2010, released by the American Gas Association (AGA) today, shows that through this investment customers saved $62 per household last year.

We are helping our customers save money and maintain the comfort and productivity of their homes and businesses, said Larry Borgard, president and chief operating officer, Utilities, of Integrys Energy Group, Inc. and chairman of the American Gas Association. We are making a major investment in the efficiency of buildings and appliances, teaching smart energy choices and subsidizing energy-saving efforts for low-income families. Our customers are seeing the value of this investment on their monthly bills.

In 2011, America s natural gas utilities budgeted nearly $1.2 billion towards energy efficiency and cost-saving programs that provide valuable tools, incentives and information to help customers understand and reduce their energy usage.

"Natural gas usage per household has decreased despite the fact that overall demand for energy has risen. Natural gas utilities are helping their customers install tighter windows and doors and better insulation. These improvements can translate into big savings, said Dave McCurdy, president and CEO of AGA.

Throughout the country, local utilities are offering low-interest financing, cash rebates and other financial subsidies for high-efficiency natural gas appliance purchases and whole home or building efficiency improvements. Utilities also provide home energy audits, weatherization kits, telephone hotlines and programmable thermostats. Natural gas utilities will also connect customers with experienced and reliable appliance and service providers and provide web-based information resources and energy usage calculators. Many companies also help eligible low-income customers with low- and no-cost weatherization services.

There are easy ways to realize these savings in your home or business: Customers that lower their thermostats by 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours a day can save about 5 to 15 percent on their energy bill.



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