New Data Highlights Natural Gas Savings for Consumers and Our Economy

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New Data Highlights Natural Gas Savings for Consumers and Our Economy

American Gas Association Releases 2016 Playbook 

Washington, D.C. – Low domestic natural gas prices led to savings of almost $69 billion for residential natural gas customers over the past four years, according to the 2016 American Gas Association Playbook, released today. Filled with new data and detailed graphics, this essential handbook provides a comprehensive explanation about the role natural gas plays in American’s daily lives and how it can help our nation achieve economic prosperity.

“More homes and businesses in America are using natural gas and the numbers continue to increase because it is comfortable, efficient and affordable,” said President and CEO Dave McCurdy. “Households that use natural gas for heating, cooking and clothes drying spend an average of $840 less per year than homes using electricity for those appliances. Millions of Americans are seeing these benefits every day, and more consumers are choosing this abundant, clean energy.” 

The 2016 AGA Playbook includes the latest data surrounding natural gas and its role in changing the way Americans use energy. It includes pertinent information about pipeline safety, natural gas supply and usage, industry safety, energy efficiency, economic growth, cybersecurity and more. It also details information on the latest natural gas utility initiatives to enhance cyber and physical security including the AGA Peer Review Program, the Downstream Natural Gas Information Sharing and Analysis Center.

The 2016 Playbook can be accessed online. If you are interested in hard copies, please contact Sherri Hamm at


The American Gas Association, founded in 1918, represents more than 200 local energy companies that deliver clean natural gas throughout the United States. There are more than 72 million residential, commercial and industrial natural gas customers in the U.S., of which 95 percent — just under 69 million customers — receive their gas from AGA members. Today, natural gas meets more than one-fourth of the United States' energy needs.