Prochazka Declares Commitment to Environment, Economy and End-Users of Natural Gas

News Release December 05, 2019

Washington, D.C. – Scott M. Prochazka, incoming chair of the American Gas Association (AGA) and president and chief executive officer of CenterPoint Energy, spoke with members of the media at AGA Headquarters today to outline his agenda for 2020, “The Three Es: Moving the Needle on Natural Gas.” 

“America’s natural gas utilities embrace our commitments to be stewards of our environment as we look to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to boost our economy so it continues to thrive, and support our end-users – our customers – so they can enjoy the cost, safety, performance and reliability benefits of natural gas,” Prochazka said. 

Prochazka was elected chair of the AGA Board of Directors on Oct. 16, 2019 and begins his one-year term on Jan. 1, 2020. He has been with CenterPoint Energy since 2001. Prior to his current role, he served as chief operating officer, division president of Houston Electric and as a senior division vice president of Gas Operations. 

Prochazka added: 

On the Environment: “In the United States and throughout the world, natural gas is an essential part of plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Natural gas technologies offer pathways to achieve our shared goal of reducing emissions while maintaining affordability, reliability and the quality of life that Americans enjoy.” 

On the Economy: “Abundant, affordable natural gas has delivered a renaissance for the American economy, saving families and businesses money while boosting manufacturing and revitalizing entire economic sectors.” 

On End-users: “A domestic abundance of natural gas has led to affordable and stable prices, which are expected to continue for many decades into the future. In addition, the pipelines that deliver natural gas are the safest energy delivery system in the nation. New technologies are making natural gas safer and cleaner.” 

Prochazka concluded, “As an industry, we have a proven track record of delivering value to the customers and we communities we serve. From reducing emissions by using our nation’s abundant natural gas in a safe, sustainable and environmentally responsible ways, to providing jobs that support families and contribute to the economic vitality of our communities, America’s natural gas utilities are focused on a future that benefits all stakeholders. environment, economy and customers. Natural gas isn’t a path to another solution; it is a key part of the solution.” 

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, CenterPoint Energy is an energy delivery company with regulated utility businesses in eight states and a competitive energy businesses footprint in nearly 40 states. Through its natural gas distribution business, the company serves 4.5 million homes and businesses in Arkansas, Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma and Texas.

The American Gas Association, founded in 1918, represents more than 200 local energy companies that deliver clean natural gas throughout the United States. There are more than 76 million residential, commercial and industrial natural gas customers in the U.S., of which 95 percent — more than 72 million customers — receive their gas from AGA members. Today, natural gas meets more than thirty percent of the United States' energy needs.