Utilities Take Action to Further Improve the Safety of Natural Gas Distribution Systems

News Release

Utilities Take Action to Further Improve the Safety of Natural Gas Distribution Systems

Washington, D.C. - America s natural gas utilities are a leading voice for safety in the pipeline industry, and today, the American Gas Association (AGA) released an update to its Commitment to Enhancing Safety. The report details actions that are being addressed by AGA or individual operators that go above and beyond current regulation to help ensure the safe and reliable operation of the nation s 2.4 million miles of pipeline.

We are taking action to further improve the safety of our natural gas distribution and intrastate transmission systems, said AGA President and CEO Dave McCurdy. This document and the actions it lays out are another step in our ongoing mission to operate one of the safest energy delivery systems in the world.

The United States has the largest integrated pipeline system in the world and we invest approximately $7 billion annually to both expand and improve this critical infrastructure.

McCurdy continued: U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood called upon our industry to conduct a comprehensive review of oil and gas pipelines. America s natural gas utilities have heeded that call and continue to advance the safety of our industry.

AGA holds widely attended safety summits throughout the nation and supported the Pipeline Safety, Regulatory Certainty, and Job Creation Act which became law at the beginning of this year.

In October 2011, AGA unveiled its Commitment to Enhancing Safety, which outlined the industry s continued commitment to improving pipeline safety. Earlier this month, the AGA Board of Directors approved an updated version of this document that can be found here.