Below are answers to some questions about the AGA website. If you need further assistance, please visit AGA Contacts for a list of topics and corresponding AGA staff members who can answer your questions. 

Q:        How do I create an account on AGA’s website?
A:         Go to and create a new username using your work-issued email address. Once you have set up an account, your work issued email address will always be your username for logging into the AGA website.

Q:        I forgot my password. How do I get it?
A:         Go to and follow the “forgot password” prompts.

Q:        How do I reset my password?
A:         Go to and follow the “forgot password” prompts.

Q:        I did not receive the automatically generated e-mail for Create Account or Forgot Password. What should I do?
A:         All e-mails sent from AGA's website come from the e-mail address If you did not receive the email, it is likely incorrectly flagged in your organization’s internal spam filters. Try checking your Outlook Junk Email folder first, and if it’s not there, please contact your IT department and request that be whitelisted.

Q:        I’m using Internet Explorer 8 and I’m unable to download documents from the AGA website. How do I access these documents?
A:         Unfortunately, Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) is considered outdated and not supported by AGA’s website because it is near end of life by Microsoft (January 2016). This is likely why you are having issues downloading files from the site. We recommend working with your organization’s IT department to upgrade to the latest version of IE to minimize issues with our site and others.

To upgrade your web browser to the latest version of IE or to another web browser platform, visit one of the sites below to download the appropriate software for your hardware platform:

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Apple Safari
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox