PMC Integrity Library

Fact Sheet

PMC Integrity Library


At its inception, the AGA Plastics Materials Committee (PMC) established a goal to provide member companies with various means to help them enhance the “integrity” of their underground plastic pipe distribution systems. By “integrity” we mean the safety, security, robustness, efficiency and very long term trouble-free performance of plastic natural gas piping systems.

Because “integrity” is a fundamental objective of plastic pipelines, the PMC formed a separate Subcommittee on pipeline integrity to focus specific attention to this critical subject. The PMC Pipeline Integrity Subcommittee observed a number of technical papers have been and continue to be published that contain very useful information in regard to plastic pipeline integrity. However, many utility engineers and others may not be aware of the existence of such papers nor have convenient access to such papers. Thus, this tool was created to address this need. All of the authors have freely given their permission to AGA to include and provide these documents at no further charge to AGA member companies. 


The PMC Integrity Library contains an ever-increasing collection of papers, articles and other written material the PMC Integrity Subcommittee believes will be of benefit to those responsible for maintaining and enhancing the integrity of their plastic natural gas distribution systems. This library of material will be updated on a regular basis.