Policy and Issues


Policy and Issues

AGA has identified several priority issues and strategies pertaining to the production, transmission, distribution and use of natural gas—the clean and domestically abundant energy source that is transforming America’s economy. We also keep a close watch on current and future policies related to these topics. The sections below detail our major areas of focus. 


On Capitol Hill and beyond, the AGA champions the role of natural gas in energizing America’s future. Read More

Economic Growth

The abundance of natural gas, coupled with a growing infrastructure, offers real promise for our economy. Read More


Natural gas is highly efficient and has a much smaller environmental impact than other energy sources. Read More

Federal Regulatory

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Accounting and Finance

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State Rates, Regulatory and Legislative

AGA advocates on behalf of its members in both the federal and state arenas.  The AGA State ... Read More


Natural gas-powered vehicles offer a low-cost, low-emissions solution for reducing dependence on ... Read More

Workforce Development

For generations, natural gas utilities have served communities and supported families through good ... Read More