Objective: AGA has hundreds of books, periodicals and other publications available on topics including: engineering, financial and administrative, marketing and public relations.

Who Should Participate: All AGA members are encouraged to use this information in their own training, education, public relations and consumer education programs.

What Participants Can Expect: A vast array of focused publications, brochures, studies and marketing and public relations tools. Members typically receive a 50 percent discount off the list price of publications listed on AGA s website.

How to Participate/Obtain More Information: AGA has upgraded the online catalog to be fully searchable, with shopping cart ordering capability, see the online publications catalog or contact our fulfillment house, Techstreet, telephone 800/699-9277. The AGA contact is:

Remember to login to the website using your personal ID/password prior to placing a publication order to assure you receive the member price.

Examples of the publications listed by category include:

General Information:

  • Gas Facts
  • Natural Gas: What You Should Know

Engineering: Engineering and measurement standards, reports, manuals, guides and technical notes, gas storage and incident database, as well as gas property & flow calculation software.

Financial & Administrative:

  • Introduction to Public Utility Accounting
  • Gas Rate Fundamentals.
  • Marketing and Public Relations: Information Kit - The U.S. Natural Gas Delivery System: A Leader in World Safety Residential Natural Gas Survey