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Fact Sheet November 05, 2014

Natural Gas: Our Nation’s Foundation Fuel For The Next Century

Only 10 years ago, the natural gas resource base in America was thought to be in imminent danger of depletion. Now that new technologies for natural gas development have been introduced— experts agree that the U.S. has enough natural gas to last for the next 100 years.

Energy-efficient natural gas has saved American consumers tens of millions of dollars over the past five years, and prices are expected to remain stable over the next 20 years compared to other fuels. This—coupled with the many possible uses for natural gas in homes, businesses, transportation and manufacturing—makes it easy to understand the integral role natural gas will have in the U.S. economy and the lives of Americans well into the future even as demand increases

Energy efficiency. Significant cost savings. Environmental benefits. Reduced dependence on foreign oil. All possible with natural gas. The U.S. is now the world’s largest producer of natural gas, which is poised to become the foundation fuel for our economy—heating homes, cooking food, fueling vehicles, creating jobs coast to coast, generating electricity, and complementing our renewable energy sources for decades to come.