AGA and Natural Gas Council File Comments with CEQ Urging Withdrawal of Draft Guidance on NEPA

Policy April 03, 2015

On March 25, 2015, AGA and the Natural Gas Council filed the comments below with the Council on Environmental Quality, urging the Council to withdraw its draft guidance requiring specific Greenhouse Gas and Climate Analysis as a part of NEPA review for all federal land and resource management decisions. AGA’s environmental committee and permit streamlining task force assisted in development of the AGA comments.

The AGA comments are an in-depth exploration of the problems we anticipate if the current draft was finalized. The Natural Gas Council comments touch on important policy issues such as delays to FERC and other agencies’ infrastructure permitting processes, inconsistency with federal initiatives to expedite permitting, and barriers to implementation of the Climate Action Plan and the Clean Power Plan.

natural_gas_council_comments_to_ceq_3-25-15.pdf102.05 KB
aga_comments_on_ceq_nepa_guidance_march_25_2015.pdf221.11 KB