AGA Asks EPA to Reduce Burden of Methane Data Collection

Policy August 03, 2016

AGA filed comments on August 2 asking EPA to reduce the cost and burden of its proposal to collect data on natural gas facilities.

On October 28, 2016, AGA again filed comments to EPA and the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) thanking EPA for the changes made in the Revised Draft ICR, but we urged EPA and OMB to make further changes to reduce burdens on gas utilities.

EPA’s proposed Information Collection Request (ICR) is intended to help the agency develop methane existing source performance standards (ESPS) for natural gas facilities upstream of the local distribution company (LDC) custody transfer station. Although most AGA member facilities will not be covered by the ESPS, EPA’s draft ICR would have nevertheless required our gas utility members to respond to ICRs pertaining to their intrastate transmission, compression, underground storage and LNG facilities. AGA supports the goal of data driven decision making, but we urged EPA to revise the ICR to reduce the scope of the data requested and to allow more time for companies to respond to the ICR.

We were pleased to see that the Final ICR in November 2016 addressed our concerns by allowing more time (180 days) to respond to the ICR and by exempting all intrastate gas utility facilities located downstream of the LDC Custody Transfer Station. While such facilities may receive a copy of the ICR, EPA explains in an attachment to the ICR letter that they do not need to respond.

A copy of the comments are attached.

August 2, 2016 Comments: AGA Comments on EPA Methane ICR380.88 KB
October 28, 2016 Comments: AGA Comments on EPA Methane ICR 468.96 KB