AGA Response to NTSB Safety Recommendation P-11-32 (March 26, 2012)

Policy March 30, 2012

On March 26 the American Gas Association and the Interstate Gas Association of American (INGAA) met with NTSB Board members to review the progress the trade associations have made in completing Safety Recommendation P-11-32 from the San Bruno investigation. The recommendation states:

Report to the National Transportation Safety Board on your progress to develop and introduce advanced in-line inspection platforms for use in gas transmission pipelines not currently accessible to existing in-line inspection platforms, including a timeline for implementation of these advanced platforms. (P-11-32)

The trades worked with various pipeline research entities to create the report. Similar to the computer industry, internal inspection of pipelines to find minute flaws in pipe has achieved dramatic improvement over the last two decades. There are still limits to the technology and research and development continues.