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Policy April 30, 2015

PHMSA Proposed Revisions to National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS) and AGA Comments

In late July 2014, PHMSA published proposed revisions to its National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS) Program. The NPMS is a geospatial dataset that contains information about PHMSA regulated gas transmission and hazardous liquid pipelines, LNG plants and breakout tanks. Regulated operators of these facilities are required to submit geospatial data to PHMSA on an annual basis. PHMSA’s proposal would dramatically alter the amount of information currently collected and require a significantly greater level of accuracy. In August 2015, PHMSA published a second proposal for modifications to the NPMS program. AGA submitted comments on the second proposal in November 2015. Of the twenty-six attributes proposed by PHMSA, AGA supports the inclusion of eight: Pipe Diameter, Commodity Detail, Pipe Material, % SMYS, Decade or Year of Installation, Class Location, HCA, whether the segment is Coated and Cathodically Protected. AGA continues to encourage a 7 year phased approach to implementation. Allowing operators to realize efficiencies when aligning assessments for Transmission Integrity Management with obtaining narrower positional accuracy information.

PHMSA Proposed Revisions to Information Request on NPMS (1st Ed.) - July 2014

PHMSA Proposed Revisions to Information Request on NPMS (2nd Ed.) - August 2015

AGA Comments on Second PHMSA Proposed Revision to NPMS - November 2015