Integrity Verification Process (IVP)

Policy March 14, 2016

IVP Documents (Comments + Flowcharts)

Pipeline Integrity Verification Process - AGA Preliminary Comments (Aug 6, 2013)

Pipeline Integrity Verification Process - AGA Final Comments (Sep 9, 2013)

PHMSA IVP Flow Chart - 2nd Draft (Sep 2013)

Pipeline Integrity Verification Process - AGA Additional Comments (Oct 8, 2013) - includes suggested revisions to flowchart

Pipeline Integrity Verification Process - AGA 4th Round Comments (Dec 12, 2013)

Presentations from PHMSA's Pipeline Integrity Verification Process Public Workshop - Aug 7, 2013

Integrity Verification Process Perspective: National Transportation Safety Board
Honorable Christopher A. Hart, Vice Chairman
Summary of Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines Annual Report Data
Blaine Keener, National Field Coordinator, USDOT/PHMSA
PHMSA s Approach for the Integrity Verification Process
Steve Nanney, Senior Engineer, USDOT/PHMSA
NAPSR Perspective on the Integrity Verification Process
Jim Hotinger, Assistant Director, Division of Utility and Railroad Safety, Virginia State Corp. Comm.
Pipeline Safety Trust Perspective
Carl Weimer , Executive Director, Pipeline Safety Trust
Pipeline Operator Presentations - Intrastate
Intrastate Natural Gas Transmission:
Nick Stavropoulos, Executive Vice President, Gas Operations, PG&E
Intrastate Natural Gas Transmission:Bruce Paskett, Principal Compliance Engineer, Northwest Natural Gas
Pipeline Operator Presentations - Interstate
Interstate Natural Gas Transmission:
Dwayne Burton, retired V.P. Interstate Gas Pipeline Operations and
Engineering Group Vice President, Kinder Morgan
Interstate Hazardous Liquid: Dave Ysebaert, President and CEO, Explorer Pipeline

Other Documents

INGAA/AGA - Leak vs. Rupture Thresholds for Material and Construction Anomalies - Final Report (June 2014)

Pipeline Fitness For Service Validation Process - Sept 2011