PHMSA Guidance for Pipeline Safety Evaluation & Metrics (Oct 15, 2014)

Regulation November 24, 2014

On October 15, PHMSA published in the Federal Register an Advisory Bulletin informing operators of “elements and characteristics of a mature Integrity Management program evaluation process using meaningful metrics” through a document titled “Guidance for Strengthening Pipeline Safety Through Rigorous Program Evaluation and Meaningful Metrics.” (also attached).

PHMSA states that the guidance document:

should be used when operators develop and perform IM program evaluations.

... PHMSA inspectors will use the program evaluation guidance as criteria when evaluating the effectiveness of operator IM program evaluations to assure operators are developing sound program evaluation processes and are developing and applying robust and meaningful set of performance metrics in their program evaluations.

Use the links below to view and download the Federal Register notice and Guidance document.

abd-2014-0086_-_guidance_for_pipeline_safety_evaluation_and_metrics.pdf195.9 KB
guidance_for_pipeline_safety_evaluation_and_metrics.pdf573.01 KB