Condensing Furnace Standard Impact Analysis - 2015

Report February 19, 2015

AGA and GTI developed a spreadsheet model to analyze and measure the impact on the key metrics that energy efficiency standards are designed to improve using the results from the GTI Fuel Switching Study and the AGA Marginal Cost Analysis.

A “Case Study” spreadsheet model using 2012 annual furnace shipment data, market data from public sources and the findings from the two studies referenced above was developed to assess and quantify the potential annual impact a new standard requiring a condensing furnace could have on overall energy costs, source energy usage and CO2 emissions.

The Excel spreadsheet model and a document developed to present the results of the model are provided below:

furnace_standard_analysis_discussion_document.pdf1.57 MB
fuel_switching_impact_analysis_model_final.xlsx689.9 KB