Dispatching Direct Use: Achieving Greenhouse Gas Reductions with Natural Gas in Homes and Businesses

Report November 09, 2015

NaturalGas Used Directly in Homes and Businesses Reduces Emissions

DIRECT USE refers to NATURAL GAS used for space conditioning, water heating, cooking and clothes drying.

Encouraging the increased use of natural gas by replacing electric or oil appliances with natural gas models can achieve significant carbon emissions reductions and should be considered among the suite of greenhouse gas emissions reduction tools. The opportunities for emissions reductions in buildings through the direct use of natural gas is well established in technical literature but often goes unrecognized by decision makers.

This document and presentation serves as a resource to companies, policymakers, and other stakeholders to advance direct use of natural gas in homes and businesses as an emissions reductions tool.

Section One provides the basis for reducing emissions from energy use by examining trends in building energy consumption and by comparing appliance efficiencies and carbon dioxide emissions in a way that allows for easy comparison of consumer options.

Section Two looks at gas utility activities already in place that encourage customers to switch to natural gas with the goal of increased energy savings and emissions reductions.

Section Three contains considerations for policymakers and stakeholders that may wish to use direct use as an emissions reduction tool or compliance option under the EPA Clean Power Plan.

Contact: Richard Meyer, Vice President, Energy Market, Analysis & Standards
rmeyer@aga.org | p: 202-824-7134

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