Gas Technology Institute Technical Analysis: Furnace Efficiency Rule

Report July 08, 2015

The Gas Technology Institute conducted a technical and economic analysis of the DOE Furnace Efficiency Rule for AGA to evaluate the impact of the proposed 92 percent AFUE minimum furnace efficiency requirements. The GTI report demonstrates DOE’s economic and energy impact analyses use a materially flawed methodology to estimate the costs and benefits of the proposed standard. These methodological flaws lead DOE to overestimate the benefits and underestimate the costs of the proposed standard.

To access the full analysis and supporting documents, click below.

21693_furnace_nopr_analysis_final_report_2015-07-07.pdf1.75 MB
21693_short_switching_tables_-_decisions_summaries_-_2015-07-07.xlsx511.07 KB
21693_short_switching_tables_-_inputs_and_integrated_only_-_2015-07-07.xlsx457.49 KB
21693_short_lcc_tables_-_all_el_-_decisions_summaries_-_2015-07-07.xlsx803.54 KB
21693_short_lcc_tables_-_all_el_-_inputs_and_integrated_only_-_2015-07-0.xlsx764.75 KB
21693_energy_use_tables_-_decisions_summaries_-_2015-07-07.xlsx783.66 KB
21693_energy_use_tables_-_inputs_and_integrated_only_-_2015-07-07.xlsx764.87 KB