LDC Supply Portfolio Management During the 2012-13 Winter Heating Season (Dec 2013)

Report December 13, 2013

Each year local natural gas utilities develop a plan to reliably help meet customer needs during winter heating season peak consumption periods. The plan is usually based on a forecast of expected loads and is later adjusted to actual weather-induced demand requirements. Numerous scenarios are examined when building a seasonal natural gas supply portfolio always against the backdrop of normal, which is defined by companies based on local weather information and system requirements from years past. Supply tools, such as firm pipeline capacity, access to on-system or pipeline storage, peak-shaving capabilities, local production and even third-party transportation arrangements, are carefully considered. In many cases, these plans are submitted to state regulators for approval prior to the start of the winter heating season.

This report documents gas delivery system operations of the surveyed local gas utilities during the past winter heating season and to help provide insights into gas supply trends and procurement portfolio management. The aggregated data presented in this report are not to be interpreted as standards or best practices for gas supply management. Instead they represent a snapshot of aggregated supply procurement practices of those companies that participated in this year s survey. In some cases, the report compares survey results for the 2012-13 winter heating season with those reported in prior years. It should be noted, however, that the compared samples are not identical and the supporting data are not audited or normalized for sample differences, weather or other factors.

Full Report: 2012-2013 LDC Supply Portfolio Management During the 2012-13 Winter Heating Season

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