Natural Gas Efficiency Programs (2016 Program Year)

Awareness of the energy economy has steadily grown beyond the purview of business and public policy. Economic and environmental concerns have become increasingly important drivers of consumer decisions about energy. With this has come heightened attention to the potential for energy efficiency to moderate consumer cost increases, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance energy security. For natural gas utilities, investing in energy efficiency programs presents an opportunity to achieve these objectives and benefit the communities they serve. Many have long-performing natural gas efficiency programs, and a number of them are working with their regulators to pave the way for new programs that will accelerate progress towards realizing a clean energy future while building sustainable value for utilities and their customers.

The energy efficiency information presented here are based on the tenth annual survey of ratepayer-funded natural gas efficiency and conservation programs, presenting data collected from members of the American Gas Association and the Consortium for Energy Efficiency. It looks retrospectively at the status of the natural gas efficiency market in 2016, including expenditures and savings impacts, and presents a snapshot of budgets for 2017. The findings illustrate how natural gas utilities continue to invest in natural gas efficiency programs and to work with their customers to help them increase cost savings while reducing their carbon footprint.

An important contributor to this data gathering project is the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE). AGA would like to thank the members of AGA and CEE in the U.S. and Canada for participating in this important data-collection effort. We appreciate tremendously the time and effort given by all survey respondents throughout the information gathering and validation process.

Please Direct Inquiries to Sapna Gheewala, Manager, Energy Efficiency