Natural Gas Efficiency Programs Brief - 2012 Investments and Savings (Mar 2014)

Report March 26, 2014

Energy Efficiency Funding Growth Chart 2011Based on a 2013 survey of members of the American Gas Association (AGA) and the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE), this annual report looks retrospectively at ratepayer-funded natural gas efficiency programs during the 2012 program year. This energy brief describes 2012 expenditures, 2013 budgets, and 2012 energy saving impacts.

This year's study shows that utilities continue to invest in natural gas efficiency programs and are committed to growing this market:

  • Natural gas utilities funded 134 efficiency programs in 2012 120 in 39 states and five in Canada. Also U.S. utilities launched one new program in 2013.
  • In the United States, utilities invested over $1.1 billion in efficiency programs in 2012. They also budgeted nearly $1.5 billion for the 2013 program year (this represents a growth of 30 percent compared to 2012 spending levels).
  • In 2012 U.S. customers saved nearly 136 trillion Btu through natural gas efficiency programs (a 9 percent increase from the 125 trillion Btu in 2011), thus avoiding 7.1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Participating U.S. households reduced their annual natural gas usage by 16 percent on average and saved $117 on their annual natural gas bills.

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Executive Summary: Executive Summary
Fact Sheet: Energy Efficiency and Natural Gas Utilities

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