America's Natural Gas Industry Will Be Essential to Achieve a Net-Zero Emissions Future

Report February 08, 2022

Climate change is a defining challenge across the globe, and natural gas, natural gas utilities, and the delivery infrastructure are essential to meeting our nation's greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals. AGA engaged ICF to conduct the first comprehensive analysis exploring natural gas utility pathways to achieve net-zero emissions.

By including natural gas, advanced fuels and our world class infrastructure, we can expand our opportunities to slash emissions, unleash greater innovation and enhance energy reliability. 

Net-Zero Emissions Opportunities for Gas Utilities presents a national-level approach that leverages the unique advantages of gas technologies and distribution infrastructure. The study underscores the range of scenarios and technology opportunities available as the nation, regions, states and communities develop and implement ambitious emissions reductions plans.

Key findings in the study include:

  • Pathways that utilize natural gas and the vast utility delivery infrastructure offer opportunities to incorporate renewable and low-carbon gases, provide optionality for stakeholders, help minimize customer impacts, maintain high reliability, improve overall energy system resilience, and accelerate emissions reductions.
  • The ability of natural gas infrastructure to store and transport large amounts of energy to meet seasonal and peak day energy use represents an important and valuable resource that needs to be considered when building pathways to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions goals.
  • Continued utilization of natural gas and the vast utility delivery infrastructure can increase the likelihood of successfully reaching net-zero targets while minimizing customer impacts.
  • The U.S. can achieve significant emissions reductions by accelerating the use of tools available today, including high-efficiency natural gas applications, renewable gases, and methane reduction technologies, and enhanced energy efficiency initiatives.
  • Large amounts of renewable and low-carbon electricity and gases, and negative emissions technologies, will be required to meet an economy-wide 2050 net-zero target.
  • Supportive policies and regulatory approaches will be essential for natural gas utilities to achieve net-zero emissions.
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