The Opportunity for CHP in the US - May 2013

Report June 11, 2013

AGA commissioned ICF International to author a report designed to inform industry, policymakers, regulators, and other key stakeholders about the potential for CHP opportunities across the country.

The Opportunity for CHP in the United States evaluates state economic potential of CHP that could be served by natural gas local distribution companies. Previous studies on CHP potential have evaluated the technical capability of facilities to utilize CHP technology for its electricity and thermal needs, providing an estimate of technical potential. This study takes the next step and analyzes the economic feasibility of this technical potential.

The study indicates that more than 40 GW of potential CHP could achieve a 10-year payback or less and could result in the increase of nearly 3 Tcf of clean burning domestically produced natural gas.

The report includes a history of CHP development, characteristics of CHP, discussions of emerging drivers, recent market trends, and suggestions on how utilities, policy makers and other stakeholder groups can work together to overcome technical and regulatory barriers to enable the wider adoption of CHP in the United States.

Full Report: The Opportunity for CHP in the United States - Final Report.pdf

Summary Presentation: Opportunity for CHP in the US - (Webinar 6/11/2013)


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