The Promise of Natural Gas

Report October 12, 2012

The Promise of Natural Gas sets out a vision that points to a decade or more of relative market stability projected for this domestic, abundant fuel—and what that potential means for our nation and energy consumers.

To outline this vision, AGA staff examined data on geologic formations, utility infrastructure, economic factors, and federal and state policies to shape a forward-looking view of natural gas. Definitive aspects of that view include our observations that:

  • For the next decade, domestic natural gas supplies are expected to be sufficiently robust to meet substantial growth in demand across all sectors.
  • This strong natural gas supply position when coupled with a growing and accessible delivery infrastructure offers the nation a promise of affordable energy that can fuel economic recovery while also protecting our environment.
  • Natural gas utilities can make the most of this promise by working with customers and local policy makers to leverage the efficient use of natural gas in thermal applications, expand access to natural gas vehicle fueling infrastructure, increase the use of combined heat and power technologies, and explore how micro-grids can help communities address their energy needs.

The country has experienced a transformational shift in the perceived role of natural gas—from an energy source sometimes seen as unreliable and scarce 10 years ago, to one that is now recognized as an essential component of a clean and secure energy portfolio. Natural gas will heat our homes, run our vehicles, generate electricity and partner with renewable energy sources for decades to come.



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