Winter Heating Outlook 2021-2022

Report November 17, 2021

Read the full report here - December 1, 2021

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Each year, the American Gas Association (AGA) examines market conditions and natural gas utility considerations in preparation for the winter. This write-up presents a summary of AGA’s 2022 Winter Heating Outlook, which examined the following areas:

  • Natural gas supply, demand, and prices.
  • Utility preparation to meet customer winter energy requirements.
  • Customer bills and associated greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Utility actions to ensure affordable energy services for customers.

Representing the nation’s natural gas utilities, AGA routinely examines issues related to natural gas market fundamentals, surveys its members on winter supply portfolio development and expectations for the winter heating bills, and analytically models economic and environmental considerations based on consumer fuel and technology options.

In its 2021 Winter Heating Outlook, AGA offers some critical conclusions:

  • Natural gas continues to be an affordable energy option for home heating.
  • Natural gas utilities work in and with their communities to offer and participate in several energy assistance programs to help customers in need.
  • Despite increased use, customers will be saving money and lowering their carbon footprint using natural gas compared to other energy sources.