Winter Heating Season


Winter Heating Season

Promise Delivered: Planning, Preparation and Performance During the 2013-14 Winter Heating Season

The United States faced sustained cold and record-setting natural gas consumption during the winter of 2013-2014. Natural gas reliability was tested and throughout the country local utility customers continued to receive dependable service at affordable prices.

AGA has released Promise Delivered, a study of the planning, preparation and performance of the natural gas system during the 2013-14 Winter Heating Season.

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  1. Findings, Observations and Conclusions
  2. Making the Statistical Case
  3. Natural Gas Storage Meets the Polar Vortex
  4. The Role of Interruptible Customers
  5. Energy Efficiency and the Customer Experience
  6. A Decade of Growth
  7. Winter Heating Season Energy Analysis
  8. Promise Delivered Power Point Presentation

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