AGA 2024 Playbook

More than 189 million Americans rely on natural gas because it’s affordable, reliable and safe. Dive into AGA’s 2024 Playbook to see how natural gas is advancing America.

Natural Gas is Essential

Nearly 189 million Americans and 5.6 million businesses use natural gas because it is affordablereliablesafe and essential to improving our environment.

Natural Gas: Advancing America

Natural gas is an essential part of our energy sector and economy. Our nation’s natural gas industry delivers affordable and reliable energy to millions of Americans and businesses every day, driving down emissions and helping to achieve our nation’s energy and environmental goals.

Natural Gas: Critical for American Communities

Customers deserve to have choices about the energy they use to heat their homes and cook their food. And they need to have the right information to make an informed decision.

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Who We Are

AGA members support the safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable delivery of natural gas to millions of Americans.

Advocating for a Safe and Reliable Future

AGA and its member companies advocate on a number of policy issues through outreach to relevant local, state and federal legislative and regulatory bodies.